Created by Ben Green in collaboration with Myy Jeraffi
Directed, filmed and edited by Myy Jeraffi

Paradise Motel lies on the stretch of desert road that runs between Vegas and LA. It is an obscure getaway, where memories dictate the time of day. For Alex, Julia, Sylvia and Jino, checking-in to the Paradise means stepping into a world where each character arrives to face their deepest fears and fantasies. Inspired by the Hollywood western, an emblem of the home-scape of creators Ben Green and Myy Jeraffi, Paradise is also a deep subconscious dive into the wild underbelly of this seemingly barren land.
  • Choreographed by Ben Green in collaboration with the performers
  • Lighting Design - Nir Gavrieli
  • Performers - Chiaki Horita, Ohad Mazor, Shir Levi, Igor Ptashenchuk
  • Music- “Esteban, Mi Hijo" by Alberto Iglesias / "L’arena (Il Mercenario)" by Ennio Morricone / "Blue Frank" by Angelo Badalamenti / "The Black Dog Runs At Night" by David Lynch + Thought Gang / "Amore Mio Aiutami" by Piero Piccioni 
  • Original Music by Avshalom Meidan
  • Projection Photography - Jesse Yardley
  • Tech Crew - Yuval Glickman, Roni Cohen, Yigal Feldman, David (Dudi) Bell, Eliav Rafaely
  • Created for the Batsheva Dancers Create Online event in 2020.